What are the Benefits of the New AdWords Customer Match Feature?

By Maxtreme

Google has launched a new AdWords Customer Match feature that makes it easier for you to target users. Earlier, it was required to depend on demographics and affinities to be able to reach the targeted audience. The new feature allows you to create and target custom audience by loading email addresses. It will allow you to serve different bids at different stages in the sales channel. With just the email addresses, you will be able to reach your audience on Gmail, Search and YouTube.

According to Google, you can also generate ‘Similar Audiences’ to the uploaded audiences, having similar behavior and demographics. Such a targeting system has been there on the Google Display Network for some time. It is expected to help improve your lists’ reach by up to 10 times.

Features of AdWords Customer Match

When you upload your emails list to AdWords, Customer Match will determine the number of contacts who are using Google’s products. The match rate is much higher than even that of Facebook and Twitter. But the ‘matching’ results can vary depending on the size of the emails list uploaded and several other factors.

Benefits of AdWords Customer Match

This feature has proven that Google’s customer matching capabilities are much more powerful than those of Twitter and Facebook. Because of this feature, you will now be able to target your audiences with more efficiency. It also demonstrates how Google is upgrading its AdWords program to meet the growing demands of advertisers.

In the initial tests on lists, Customer Match returned a match rate of over 50%. It is also likely to benefit advertisers who are using Gmail Sponsored Promotions, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Content Remarketing by allowing them to serve an ad / specific bid to their audience more actively.

Similar Audiences Feature

The Similar Audience feature in Customer Match further allows you to find and develop new customers. This can be done using a set of parameters based on your uploaded lists. You can achieve this even when the targeted prospects have no history of interaction with your website. It allows you to boost your reach multiple times and target audiences who have similar attributes.

If you are using both paid social media campaigns and PPC, AdWords Customer Matching is the perfect next step.It is custom targeted audiences that play a key role in making paid social campaigns so effective, you can now take advantage of the same strategies to your Google AdWords campaigns.

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