Tips To Improve PPC Conversion Rate

By Maxtreme

Pay-per Click advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to business owners. Unlike SEO, it’s easier to implement and quick to deliver results, which is why it’s the first strategy people use when they set up their marketing campaign.

However, PPC can also be a black hole that’ll consume a significant portion of your marketing budget. Not all clicks lead to conversions and an ill-planned strategy can deliver low returns on your investment. At MaXtreme Marketing, we recommend the tips listed below to improve your conversion rate.

  • Optimize Your Ad Copy- PPC ads are short and precise so many people assume there’s no room for optimization. However, if you study your conversion rates and analytics performance, you’ll notice that different ad copies have different results. Sometimes the information you present in your ads makes all the difference. The first step to improve your PPC campaign is to study the copy, edit any errors, add keywords, and include persuasive and relevant information.
  • A/B Test Everything-A/B test is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your ads. You can compare two different copies of the same ad to see which one is more effective, and implement that in your campaign. This form of testing is very effective and will help you design the most effective campaign and increase your conversion rates. It’s vital to test your copies regularly because sometimes effective campaigns start to falter after a few months. You need to refresh your PPC ads to ensure they remain effective.
  • Tweak the Landing Pages-Landing pages are some of the most important aspects of PPC campaigns. They need to provide prospective customers with all the information they need and encourage their interest in buying your product. The landing pages need to be polished and well-designed to minimize the bounce rates. Here are some things you need to include in your landing pages:
    • Precise information about the product and service.
    • An eye-catching heading and subheading.
    • A clear and visible CTA button.
    • Clean design with strong association with the company branding.
    • High-quality images that make the page look sharp and professional.

    If your landing pages have all of these aspects in place, it’ll deliver better ROI and have a lower bounce rate.

  • Choose the Right Keywords- If you want to increase conversions and minimise bounce rates, you should target the right audience and that means you need to choose the keywords carefully. Your ad copy should target the most relevant keywords so it’s important to research before you bid. You should also include negative keywords in your campaign.
    That’ll ensure keywords that don’t lead to conversions won’t trigger your ads. You can update your negative keywords list regularly with the help of Google Analytics. The reports would show you just how well different keywords perform and which keywords lead to conversions. You can adjust your campaign based on this information.
  • Add Special Offers- People will be more tempted to purchase products or hire services if they’re offered a discount or special offers along with their purchase. Even small incentives work well and can tempt a prospective customer to convert. You can offer Internet-only programs to boost sales in your brick and mortar stores as well. For example, a salon owner could offer 10% on services to customers who use the online code.

If you want to know more about PPC conversion rates, or want to hire our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at MaXtreme Marketing. You can get in touch through this form or give us a call on 4147166140.

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