Seven Ways to Repurpose Content and Generate Leads

By Maxtreme

“Content is king.” This popular catchphrase has been oft-repeated by digital marketing professionals. However, creating and maintaining a content marketing calendar takes considerable time and resources. Naturally you want to ensure you can get the maximum life—and return—out of your content.

An easy way to do this is through repurposing old content. Remember, “old” doesn’t mean “outdated.” Chances are you have a lot of “evergreen content,” which has a universal appeal and can generate interest long after its original publication date.Pulling conversion metrics can help you pinpoint which ones have been high performers. Once you’ve selected your content, you can begin reworking it to reach even more potential leads.

(It’s important to not simply repost older content. Duplicating content can affect your SEO, so review your content to ensure its relevant and fresh.)

Here are ways to refresh, repackage, and reuse existing content for real returns.

  • Create a series. Before you decide which content to repurpose, do an inventory of existing blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars and other digital media. This can help you identify themes. You can then group the content into a series of posts, which is a helpful way to move your audience through the conversion process. This helps increase engagement and ultimately, conversions. For higher ed, you may want to create a series on “What you need to know during your first year” or a series on topics that apply to a large audience, such a financial aid.
  • Update information. Digital trends are constantly changing, but so are business trends. You may have crafted a post on the most popular college degrees. Take time to review the content. Are the same degrees relevant? Have new ones taken the top spot? Rewrite the post adding new, updated information, craft a new title, and post it as new.
  • Refresh a post with new keywords. Piggy-backing off of the last item, you can energize existing content by adding new links and keywords. It may take a little investigating, but you can swap out older keywords with more current ones. By doing this, practices can help boost your SEO.
  • Add links. Adding links, especially internal links, is also a great way to breathe new life into content and help engage new readers. Direct them to related content that is relevant and you can move them through the sales funnel. For example, if someone came to your site looking for nursing degrees, include links to specific courses, schedules and internships.Not only does this showcase your school’s offerings, it builds trust and demonstrates your expertise.
  • Break up a long content into bite-size pieces. Do you have a popular whitepaper? Maybe a YouTube webinar that has countless hits? Try taking this content and breaking it up into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Long-form content is popular and ranks well with search-engines, but many users today scan information. Often, they would prefer a shorter bursts of information.

A whitepaper can become a series of blog posts. A webinar can be shortened to brief video tips that are easily shared on platforms such as Facebook. Based on analytics, you know the topic has already been a success. By changing its format, you have the opportunity to share this sought-after information with even more people through different platforms.

  • Gain visual interest with infographics. Studies show that infographics are three times more likely to be linked and shared than any other content. They also rank well with search engines, and their attractive, easily scannable format makes them popular for web users. Make sure to focus on key data points and not let the graphic be overwhelmed by copy.You’ll want your data points—and visuals—to tell the story.
  • Create a gift. Everyone likes good value—and a gift is even better. Review your existing content and group it by category. You might have an ebook, a blog post, and a webinar that work well together. For example, you may have an ebook on financial literacy, a blog post on “Budgeting 101 for Students,” and a webinar on applying for financial aid. Package these three things as a gift to potential students. Users will find this information valuable, and you’ll get approval for making things easy for them.

Great content is essential to attracting people to your organization and building your brand. But packaging is also important. Be sure to offer relevant, valuable content in an interesting, engaging manner and watch your conversions build.

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