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Your online reputation can make or break your business. According to Edelman Trust Barometer, about 65% of internet users think that online search is the most trusted source of information. Online reviews have a massive impact on your sales. About 72% say that positive reviews online make them trust a local business more. 88% claim that they trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.


While online reviews do work in your favor, negative reviews can lead to massive loss in revenue. When people are satisfied with a service, they rarely go out of their way to let others know. Opposite is the case if they’re dissatisfied.

How to Manage Reputation through SEO

The intention is to become more visible than negative reviews. Every company has some complaints against it. However, if you have enough positive comments to counteract the negative, you can minimize the loss.

Consider what kind of response your company name gets in SERPs. There are three categories you need to look into. The Web search results, the image search results, and the video search results. If you get a clean SERP, you have no problems. However, if you get results dominated by negative reviews in any of those searches, you need to work.

Existing assets

Negative results in this category are mostly linked to bad customer reviews in different websites. You can counteract this by running a campaign to encourage satisfied customers to review. You can subtly direct all satisfied customers to comment on public pages and if you’re successful, your reputation might improve.

You can also promote editorial reviews, articles, and blogs to bolster your reputation. If you want better results, you can respond to such reviews with a professional and positive attitude.

Creating new assets

You can create videos that would replace any bad review videos in the SERPs. This can be done by adding customer video testimonials, product reviews by a YouTube influencer, etc. You can also optimize such videos by distributing them through your social media channels and building links.

If your company website doesn’t have a customer reviews page, it’s worth the effort to create one. You can also implement an on-site user review system, which will promote increased transparency.

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