LinkedIn Advertising with an Edge

Amongst social media, LinkedIn is a very unique platform. Professionals and companies regularly utilize it and it’s a great way to develop business connections. People don’t access LinkedIn because they’re interested in gossiping, but rather because they want to connect with likeminded professionals. LinkedIn targets a very specific demographic so it’s perfect for B2B advertising.

Like with all paid advertising campaigns, you need a solid LinkedIn advertising strategy in place if you want to succeed here. At Maxtreme, that’s just what we provide. We take steps to make sure that your LinkedIn marketing campaign reaches the right audience.

LinkedIn Advertising with an Edge

Figuring Out if LinkedIn is Right for You

As we mentioned before, LinkedIn has a very specific demographic and a very specific purpose as well. For some businesses, it can be the ideal platform, but for others, it’s less than ideal. Our SMM experts will help you understand whether LinkedIn works for you. We consider the following points carefully when we focus on LinkedIn advertising strategy:

  • What type of audience do you want to target?
  • Which industry are you targeting?
  • What are the general age, gender, and occupation of your audience?
  • Does your audience possess certain skills?

Why LinkedIn?

People often wonder what makes LinkedIn different from networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The common question is: What can you achieve on LinkedIn that you can’t on Facebook?

There’s a reason why marketers take advertising on this platform so seriously. This platform is incredibly powerful when your target audience is other businesses. You can display your ads to key influencers in a company or industry and get your product out there. The rate of conversion is very high here.

The best advantage of the platform is the specific target parameters. You can display your ads to the entire network. You can also target them by gender, age, skills, schools and colleges, job function, job title, industry, etc.

At Maxtreme, we take advantage of this pinpoint accuracy in targeting and make sure that your ads reach their highest potential. We develop a customized LinkedIn advertising strategy that is the best fit for your business.

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How can Maxtreme Help?

How can Maxtreme Help?

We have LinkedIn experts on our staff. Our people are very familiar with the network and know how to use this tool to maximum effect. Our goal is always the same. We aim for minimum investment and maximum ROI. To ensure this, we not only target the right audience, we also constantly monitor your ads’ progress. If your campaign is underperforming, we alter it accordingly. We continuously optimize your ads until they yield the best results possible.

The Maxtreme Advantage

At Maxtreme, we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible. Our goal is to ensure that our clients get the best returns on their investment.

As an added assurance, we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee to all our clients. If, within the first 30 days, you feel our LinkedIn advertising strategy efforts don’t provide expected results, we will refund our fees, without any questions asked.

We don’t bind our clients to long term contracts either. You work with us on your own terms, always. We’re confident enough in our services to believe that our clients will want to work with us. So give us a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

The Maxtreme Advantage

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