Franchise SEO that you can Trust

It’s widely speculated in the industry that franchises have an 88% success rate. Several people are attracted to this opportunity because they believe that there’s less effort involved and more chances of success in owing a franchise than building a business from the ground up. In most cases, they’re right. When you own a franchise, you get a business with an already established brand name, following, and reputation.

You don’t have to jump through hoops to get the word about your business to customers. However, owning a franchise comes with its own marketing nightmares. While you might’ve escaped the hassle of trying to establish a brand name and presence, you need to make an effort to stand out to succeed.

Franchise SEO that you can Trust

What is Franchise SEO?

It’s a mistaken assumption that SEO practices are similar for all aspects of the industry. Several markets don’t take the time or the effort to understand each and every aspect of the business before they start building an SEO campaign for you.

At Maxtreme, we recognize that franchises are very different from regular businesses. The same advantage that allowed you to establish your business and earn revenue easily can become a hindrance later on. That’s why you need franchise SEO to form your own identity, even if you’re connected to a larger entity.

Why Franchise SEO?

When you own a franchise, you’re a part of the larger company with a national reputation. It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd, especially if the franchisor has hundreds of franchisees spread across the country. Consider the following points:

  • You have to compete in this highly crowded industry with a small marketing budget.
  • You’ll need to establish some semblance of identity that doesn’t divorce you completely from the franchisor, which is frowned upon.
  • You need to make sure that you drive traffic towards your franchise instead of someone else’s. This can be a common problem for these businesses.
  • You need to build a positive brand image so that any bad press doesn’t affect your particular establishment.

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How Can Maxtreme Help?

How Can Maxtreme Help?

We understand that most franchise owners aren’t willing to spend too much of their hard earned money on marketing. This is mostly because their brand identity is strongly linked to that of the company. Keeping that in mind, we offer affordable SEO services that help franchises get traffic and revenue.

  • We research the local market thoroughly, finding the specific keywords and habits of your target audience.
  • We help you create an optimized micro-site for your business that responds to specific, localized keywords. This ensures that people can access your website easily and it ranks high in local searches.
  • Generating valuable links from well-read and popular websites is vital to establish a good reputation and increase your rankings.
  • Our affordable SEO services include regular, detailed reports on your ranking status, your franchise website’s performance with links and reviews, and analytics data.

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